GIS-PAX uses RLM from Reprise Software for floating license management:

The GIS-PAX configuration is contained in the gispax.set file, sent to customers in the initial RLM setup. The gispax.set file has been built against the RLM V9.2 release. This is the one we support and certify.

Customers have asked whether they can use a more recent release of RLM. It is our experience that RLM supports backward compatibility for the RLM configuration file (gispax.set). We regularly test the latest versions of RLM. We use RLM V12.1 internally. The key requirements to satisfy are:

  • The license server is a Windows server. 
  • RLM software must be the 32-bit version (which can run on a 64-bit OS).

If your team has RLM license administration experience, we recommend using the latest RLM release. There are more options available and the latest releases include better features for managing the Reprise License Server Administration website. Check the License Administration Manual to determine which license options can be used (GIS-PAX set file was created for RLM V9.2).