Player uses RLM from Reprise Software for license management. This application includes a number of options for logging usage of the GIS-PAX licenses. For details on the full range of options, refer to the Reprise License Administration Manual.

There are several options in RLM GIS-PAX recommends to cover basic user logging. By default RLM will only keep only the last month of usage. You can extend this by modifying the gispax.opt file in the Reprise folder on the licenses sever. Add the following text:

# Specify the logging options

REPORTLOG +.\logs\gispax_report.log

DEBUGLOG +.\logs\gispax_debug.log

ROTATE monthly

# Specify a timeout to automatically reclaim licenses

# If Player is unused for longer than this period the 

# license is returned to the pool. Units are seconds.


This will append the logs (forever) but rotate the logfiles on a monthly basis (so they don’t get enormous). The timeout option will release any Player licenses after a specified period of inactivity. Be careful this is not made too short a period, otherwise your users will complain. However it is useful to return Player licenses that become disconnected due to ArcMap crashing. The value is in seconds; 7200 = 3 hours.