The RLM software requires three ports to communicate between server and clients. 

  • RLM port: Default is 5053. This is the port the RLM software establishes the communications with.  This is configured in the Player.lic file on the HOST (first) line. The client computers use this port to find the RLM service. 
  • ISV port: Defaults to randomly assigned port when RLM starts. After the client finds the RLM service it uses the ISV port to communicate back and forth. 
  • Web server port: Default is 5054 i.e. http://<your_rlm_server>:5054. This is for the Reprise License Server Administration console.  

RLM Port

The RLM port is specified in the first line of the LIC file provided by GIS-PAX Support. This file must be located in the RLM folder on the license server. 

The RLM port must also be set in the LIC file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\GIS-pax\Player\License\PlayerLicenseServer.lic for every computer with Player installed. 

To change the RLM port, edit port number in the LIC file on the server and Reread/Restart Servers. The same port number needs to appear in the PlayerLicenseServer.LIC on every client computer. 

Conflicts might occur for the RLM port if you have Reprise Software running for two separate vendors. Read this blog post for strategies on dealing with this:

ISV Port

The ISV port is used between the Player software and the RLM software to ensure the software is licensed. The ISV port can be changed by hardcoded it on the ISV line of the LIC file.

HOST <hostname> <macaddress> 5053
ISV gispax port=8765 

The change needs to be made in the LIC file on the server. The steps are:

  • On your RLM license server computer, open the LIC file.
  • On the second line, add the second port number you have opened for the ISV. Save the file.m8b5wGBeBaJYmas7L_Q3_wKszTm5ff_rTQ.png
  • Open the port through your firewall.

Restart the RLM service. In the Reprise License Server Administration, you should see the following:


For more information, refer to:

Webserver Port

The Webserver port defaults to 5054 and can only be configured when RLM is install. The -ws option on the rlm command line allows.

For more information about RLM, consult the Reprise Software License Administrator support: