The following article contains a list of RLM errors that have been encountered by Player users.  These are listed by error code number, which will be shown in the error message and listed in the RLM Administration Guide.  The explanation for the error code from the guide is shown under the heading 'RLM Admin Guide' for each topic.

-13: User/Host not on the include list

Server permission issue

RLM Admin Guide:


Not on the feature include list

The license administrator has specified an INCLUDE list for this product, and you are not on it.


add to the list of users who are able to check out a license

-17: Communications error with license server

Player cannot find the RLM license server. 

RLM Admin Guide:


Error communicating with server

This indicates a basic communication error with the license server, either in a network initialization, read, or write call


There are three possible reasons for this error:

1. There is no PlayerLicenseServer.lic license file in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\GIS-pax\Player\License' 

2. The license server cannot be resolved by DNS. In this case edit the PlayerLicenseServer.lic file, and replace server name with a fully qualified server name that can be resolved.

3. The license server does not have RLM installed.

-17 & -111: Connection refused at server

Server side error.  RLM not operating correctly.

RLM Admin Guide:


Connection refused at server


Try license server restart.  

Other possible causes are due to someone installing a second rlm service pointing at the same Player rlm.exe and using the same port numbers.

To check this look at the Services and see if there is a second rlm service. Also could use TCPView.exe from to show the 5054 and 5053 ports in use but no application was using them... 

Resolve by:

  • Uninstall rlm_gispax service.
  • Uninstall rlm service. 
  • Send latest version of RLM with license.
  • Install rlm_gispax service. 

-18: License server does not support this product

License incompatible with Player version.  Could occur with a mix of Player 3 and Player 4 product/license configuration

RLM Admin Guide:


License server doesn't support this


Upgrade Player and/or re-issue license file

-28: Server does not know this handle or -125 Roam data read error

Related to errors with roaming licenses. 

RLM Admin Guide:


Server does not know this license handle

This is an internal server error. It will be returned usually when you are attempting to return a roaming license early.



The RLM_ROAM environment variable in a users profile is used when a roaming license is checked out. Occasionally this can incorrectly be set. This can occur if you try to checkout the Player license and don’t check it back in.

To fix the RLM_ROAM problem, do the following:

  • Close ArcMap.
  • From the Windows Start button, open the Control Panel.
  • Go to the Advanced System Settings. 
  • Open the Environment Variables dialog. Edit the RLM_ROAM environment variable to 0 as below.  
  • In some instances you’ll need to log out, and log back in. 

-46: Uncounted license on Terminal Server is disabled

Indicates RLM is rejecting connection from a terminal server. Player license files include a flag to disallow Terminal Server access but allow Remote Desktop access. This has historically been included to prevent the RLM licensing from being exploited.

RLM Admin Guide:


Terminal server/remote desktop disabled

The only available license has Terminal Server disabled, and the application is running on a Windows Terminal Server machine.


If acceptable re-issue license file with the deny flag for Terminal Servers removed

-57: Bad RLM_LICENSE error code

Something's gone wrong checking out a roaming license.

RLM Admin Guide:


None of these licenses can roam

The license max_roam_count is set to 0.  This will always be the case for licenses that are transferred to another server.


Release the roaming license.  If unable to do so check the gispax.opt file in the RLM folder on the server.  Check to see if there is max_roam_count setting and change.