This article outlines how Player licenses can be reserved or locked for certain users. This might be necessary if a user(s) has to have access to a Player license at a specific time. For example, for an internal training course when it is essential to ensure licenses are available.

There are two approaches that can be used:
  1. Reserve a Roaming License from the Player toolbar
  2. Reserve the licenses using the RLM options file on the license server.
If you only need one or two licenses for a couple of hours; use option 1. Otherwise use option 2.
1. Reserve a Roaming License
The Get a Roaming License command allows a user to “check out” a Player license from a floating license server for temporary use away from the corporate network. It can also be used to “reserve” a license to a specific user/computer for a specific number of days (maximum is 30 days).
The steps are:
  • From the Player toolbar click Play Analysis > Software License > Get a Roaming License…

         If this command is disabled:

    • Check you have enabled a Player license in Customize > Extensions > Player - Play Analysis
    • You need access to a floating license server, click About Player and confirm there is a named License Server
    • You might already have a “roaming” Player license. Check if the Play Analysis > Software License > Release Roaming License command is enabled. If it is, follow the instructions to “release” the license.
  • Set the number of days the license is required for and click OK.
  • Follow the steps from the next dialog EXACTLY. Any missteps will cause the roam to fail, require you to pull your hair and need to contact GIS-PAX Support.
Next Steps for Roaming
This PC is now configured to check out a roaming license for 1 days.
To complete the process and get this roaming license:
  - stay connected to the network
  - leave the Player extension turned off
  - close and re-open ArcMap (you do not need to open an MXD)
  - turn on the Player extension
You will then have checked out a license from the pool, and
you can use Player while disconnected from the network.
To return the “roaming” Player license, click Play Analysis > Software License > Release Roaming License… and follow the instructions. If you have trouble with returning the “roaming” license, refer to Common RLM Problems.
On the Reprise License Server Administration website, the “roaming” license appears in the res column of License pool status.  

2. Reserve licenses using RLM options file
Using the RLM options file gives numerous options to reserve Player licenses depending on your requirements. GIS-Pax recommends the approaches outlined here Supporting RLM across your organisation. The RLM documentation offers a number of other approaches: RLM_License_File_Administration.pdf.
The simplest approach would be:
  • Logon to the Reprise License Server Administration website.
  • From the Status page, click gispax under the OPTIONS column.  This allows you to edit the gispax.opt file.
  • Add a line to define a “group”; by user|host|group|host_group|internet|internet_group
  • Add a line to RESERVE 1 player4 “group”
Contact GIS-PAX Support for further details.