With the new functionality that comes with each Player release, some features result in changes to the Player.gdb. The general rule is a newer version of Player software will still work with an older version of the Player.gdb. However any new functionality that requires the changes will not work, it is disabled. This is known as backward compatibility. 

The reverse is not always true. An older release of Player might work with a new version of the Player.GDB. But there is no guarantee it will function correctly. The best approach it to upgrade the Player database to the same version as the Player software.

How to Upgrade a Player database

The Upgrade Database command will upgrade the Player.gdb geodatabase and PlayerTemplates.plr file to the latest Player release. This will enable the latest functionality. The command is available from either the Database Location category of the Settings dialog or by clicking Play Analysis > Player Project >Database > Upgrade Database... 

A backup of the original data is kept in the PlayerUpgrade_Backup folder. Once a Player.GDB is upgraded, it is not compatible with previous versions of Player software.

Player 4.1

There is new functionally in Player 4.1 that requires additional columns in the Player.gdb. These include a DocLibrary for (geos can add notes to their wells, fields and prospects), updates to wells to include a property for amplitude support and a new PolygonArea function to calculate and display the areas of all polygons in km2. This functionality will disable if the GDB is from 4.0 or earlier. 

However to edit wells in Player 4.1, you must upgrade the Player.gdb. A 4.1 project can still be read in Player 4.0. But Player 4.0 does not correctly update the new columns of a 4.1 GDB. If you are not planning to migrate everyone together, a mixed environment works (a team with Player 4.1 and a 4.1 GDB/project OR a team with Player 4.0 and 4.0 GDB).

For Player 4.1, the following columns have been added to the Player.gdb:

  • PostDrillAnalysis/Well_PdAnalysis: AmplitudeSuprtPreDrill; DocCountPostDrillAnalysis/Play_PdAnalysis: AmplitudeSuprt_PlayDiscoveredResources/Fields: FieldArea; Gas_EUR_Mean_boe; DocCountDiscoveredResources/Pools: PoolArea
  • Prospects/ProspectSummary: ProspectArea; DocCount; UnRiskedGasReservesBoe; RiskedGasReservesBoe; ExternalVolumes;ExtProspectRisk; ExtRecovOilP90; ExtRecovOilP50; ExtRecovOilMean; ExtRecovOilP10; ExtRecovOilMeanRiskedVol; ExtRecovCondP90; ExtRecovCondP50; ExtRecovCondMean; ExtRecovCondP10; ExtRecovCondMeanRiskedVol;ExtRecovGasP90; ExtRecovGasP50; ExtRecovGasMean; ExtRecovGasP10; ExtRecovGasMeanRiskedVol; ExtRecovGasP90Boe;ExtRecovGasP50Boe; ExtRecovGasMeanBoe; ExtRecovGasP10Boe; ExtRecovGasMeanBoeRiskedVol; ExtRecovBoeP90;ExtRecovBoeP50; ExtRecovBoeMean; ExtRecovBoeP10; ExtRecovBoeMeanRiskedVol
  • Prospects/ProspectTargets: TargetArea; IncRiskedGasMeanBoe
  • UnidentifiedProspectivity/UIP_Polys_Input: UIP_PolygonArea
  • ValueAndCostCases/BOE_Unit_Value: PolygonArea
  • ValueAndCostCases/Oil_Unit_Value: PolygonArea
  • ValueAndCostCases/Cond_Unit_Value: PolygonArea
  • ValueAndCostCases/Gas_Unit_Value: PolygonArea
  • ValueAndCostCases/Expl_Well_Cost: PolygonArea
  • ValueAndCostCases/Expl_Drilling_Tax_Factor: PolygonArea
  • PortfolioAnalysis/ScenarioStackedTargets: ProspectName
  • PortfolioAnalysis/ScenarioDefinitions: OverlapTolerance; OverlapUnits
  • LicenseBlocks/BlocksOwnerEquity: BlockArea