GIS-PAX uses GoToMeeting for desktop sharing. It allows the GIS-PAX support folk to share their screen as well as view your desktop to help with support issues. In most cases, IT do not block the use of GoToMeeting or the installation of the desktop app. 

Getting Started

Before the meeting, you will be sent a link, for example: Simply click the link and GoToMeeting either starts (if you previously installed it) or prompt you to download the GoToMeeting Opener.exe. 

Save and Run the executable. Optionally enter your name and email, then choose how you want to connect the audio. Now you are in the meeting. 

Use the controls in the GoToMeeting panel to set audio and minimise the full Control Panel to a small Grab Tab. Once the GoToMeeting Control Panel has started, you can close the web browser.

Google Chrome GoToMeeting Web App

If you use Google Chrome, GoToMeeting also supports a Web App inside the browser. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Edge have no or limited support. An additional Chrome Extension is required to share your desktop. Make sure you don't close this browser!

Sharing your Screen

If you need to share your screen with GIS-PAX support, you need to wait until the organiser makes you the Presenter. You will be prompted to start sharing. You control what is display and when it starts/stops. Choose the entire screen, a second screen or a specific application. Note: GIS-PAX and other attendees cannot see the Control Panel, it is hidden in their view of your screen. 

In the Google Chrome Web App, you require an additional Chrome Extension (which you are asked to download). Next choose whether you share your entire screen or a single application.

Sharing Keyboard and Mouse

Occasionally GIS-PAX support will need to use your keyboard and mouse in a desktop sharing session. You can choose to do this in the Control Panel. From the Share keyboard & mouse with dropdown, choose the attendee who will take control. You always have the override of keyboard and mouse. To stop sharing, uncheck the attendees name in the dropdown.


The Google Chrome GoToMeeting Web App does not support sharing keyboard and mouse. Click the Switch to the desktop version button on the control panel.

More information at GoToMeeting: